About Us


At the ripe old age of 7 Snitch began his radio career by broadcasting to his entire house on a microphone connected to his Sony boombox. His career had a slight lull in his early teens due to discovering girls but it picked back up again at the age of *insert age that he realised girls weren’t really that interested in him*.

Starting on community radio, Snitch and his best mate of 20 years, Lins, have carved out a niche for themselves with obese, diabetic cat lovers. Oh, and they also do a podcast.



A long time ago there was a young country boy that always dreamed of being a radio star. But, his household chores always stood in the way of him ever getting anywhere in life. So, one day, he decided not to do his chores anymore and pursue a career in radio. Unfortunately, he discovered that becoming a radio star was really, really, really hard. So he decided to give up on that dream and spend the rest of his life playing goofy video games.

But his best friend, Snitch, encouraged him not to give up on his dreams. Together they could be the best radio duo that Australia had ever seen. Then Hamish and Andy came along. So they readjusted their goals to become the second best radio duo the world has ever seen.

That’s how Snitch and Lins began their epic adventure.



“I do the thing with the videos…” – Lukus